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Brief Introduction

iPage is one of the most cheap webhosting service providers. It has been quite old but it got its fame after its re launching in the year 2009. It was bought by EIG in the year 2009. iPage mainly deals in three main sections online security, emails and websites.

EIG is a very famous name in the webhosting industry. It is managed by highly experienced management team. From the past 15 years they have been holding more than two million domain names. They are the owner of many famous brands like VPS Link, EasyCGI, etc.

The feature set of iPage is quite vast. They consist of a lot of features for various purposes like running website, setting up store and launching a blog. Due to the bad upselling options and various dashboard options it becomes a tedious task for the beginners.

Server Performance

Basically there are two data centers of iPage which are located in Boston, MA. There are about 800 Dell servers in the two facilities. Both the data centers provide a full time security with a N+1 DC and AC power sources. The infrastructure is identical at both the centers.

The customer data is continuously backed up on the clustered servers to avoid losses on downtime. They still have provision of UPS backups and diesel generators for extra security. The NetApp Snapshot is being used for backing up the servers daily.

Support Portal

The support portal staff of iPage is located in North America all round the clock and they claim that your call will be answered within a span of one minute. Simple support is free service but still if you need the premium support then you can buy it for fees. This just speeds up the resolution time.

Also for the premium support, you will be provided with a speed number which is provided to only a few privileged clients’ along with ticketing system and state of art phone. A totally dedicated North America based support team of experts will be helping you out whenever and wherever necessary.

They provide you with support in the form of Tickets, Knowledgebase, phone, emails and live chat along with many other resources. Also a set of user guides is provided to the customers for further help. The user guide covers the topics ranging from email configuration, web hosting basics to website designing.


Both Windows and Linux based Web Hosting. They provide you with software for building a website which is called as Weebly. The money back guarantee is very impressive as well.

With unlimited emails, disk space and bandwidth you will enjoy these services a lot. The third party application support provided is very robust. They offer both VPS and dedicated hosting.

For database, they support MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. They provide you with many user friendly services which are full of features. The customer support staff is having high expertise and are one of the best in troubleshooting your problem. They have very moderate pricing structure.

They support various scripting languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, Perl, Java, etc. Also the supported CMS are b2evolution and Drupal.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, disk space and websites. If you register with iPage then you will get a free domain along with a WordPress hosting.


They don’t provide any monthly plan. Not a large variety for dashboards provided. The upselling is a bit aggressive. The renewal prices are a lot higher than the introductory prices. The servers do crash sometimes or might slow down a bit.

Hosting Plans

iPage provides you with one of the cheapest website hosting. Here it should be kept in mind that only the introductory prices are low but the renewal prices are comparatively higher. The services are basically meant for the non-technical people. For a reasonable monthly fees you will be getting unlimited domains, bandwidth, disk space and MySQL database.

Control Panel

The control panel of iPage is actually a VDeck cPanel which comes with a lot of other functionalities and tools which are generally not offered with other cPanel versions. Yet VDeck is so simple to be used by all genre webmasters. The various advanced features in new cPanel are one click install, facility for account management, marketing services, eCommerce services, website management and email management. They always offer you with new services.

Money back guarantee

iPage offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

Overall Opinion

iPage is an ecofriendly company and the source of power for its data centers, offices and servers is wind energy hence decreasing the carbon footprint of the company and hence proves to be an ecofriendly company. The websites which are being hosted by iPage are provided with a Green Certificate.

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iPage Plans

Launch Plan

Disk Space 50 / Bandwidth 250GB

Email Boxes 5

1 Websites Included

Free Domain Name

$1.68 / month

Essential Plan

Disk Space / Bandwidth Unlimited

Email Boxes Unlimited

Unlimited Websites

Free Domain Name

$2.68/ month

Superboost Plan

Disk Space / Bandwidth Unlimited

Email Boxes Unlimited

Unlimited Websites

Free Domain Name

$5.99 / month