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Brief Introduction

GoDaddy is located on the outskirts of US. The headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona and the data center being in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

GoDaddy is actually the largest domain name registrar offering the customers a complete set of tools for website building to its customers.

They manage more than 60 million domain names with more than 13 million customers who are actually paying customers and a very strong 24 x 7 support for 365 days.

It is a very reputable and strong company which helps in building a functional and extremely beautiful website easily.

Server Performance

GoDaddy offers a standard 99.99% uptime guarantee. The data centers are based in Europe, Asia and US which uses N+1 air conditioning and UPS power, 24 x 7 on-site monitoring and fire protection, which all prevent the causes of getting the system down. They take backups of the customer’s site at predefined intervals. The backups are being stored somewhere away from the data centers in case of any on-site problems.

Support Portal

GoDaddy provides one of the most remarkable customer services. The representatives are knowledgeable, patient and understanding. They listen to your problem and give the best possible solution. They give you spontaneous solutions and prompt you as soon as you try to contact them for some help.

IdeaShare is basically like a suggestion box that is provided for the product updates and new features. Hosting Concierge is another support tool used to have websites up and run them quickly.

They have about 500 in-house developers and about 3.3k employees who are there to help you 24*7 all round the year. The support is provided by phone and emails. Local numbers are provided for certain countries like Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, USA. Live chat is not provided.

Also various staff blogs that are on the website solve a majority of the problems.


  • A sensitive user interface is provided which saves us from the unnecessary tensions while building your website and it is just sufficient that you won’t need any other tool to create your website. They provide you with over 300 pre-populated templates which could be used for building your own website just by replacing the text and images by your own content. As the majority of the tools are drag and drop hence you can adjust the layout and design by dragging the content in the page or by adding a new page.
  • It provides a great uptime. It is extremely stable. Also, it offers a 45 days money back guarantee which is more than its most of the competitors. They provide you with unlimited parked domains and bandwidth while disk space allowed is up to 100GB.
  • A 24/7 strong phone support all round the year is provided. Also, Live Chat and Email Support are provided. It has the best customer support system available. Not only they guide you better but the response time is also quite quick.
  • They allow you to create backups of your websites in case if some restoring is needed or in case if some mistakes are made like if you accidentally saved something that was actually not intended to be saved. This feature is not provided by any other hosting service. Also, another advantage is that you can save many versions of the website.
  • It provides a facility in which you can hide some part of the website in the mobile versions providing the flexibility for configuring the mobile websites.


  • One of the chief disadvantages of GoDaddy is that once you have made a website with some theme then you cannot switch over to another theme with the content being intact. You need to be very careful while choosing any theme.
  • No e-commerce tools are provided by GoDaddy site builder. Although a separate website builder by GoDaddy could be used to build an e-commerce store that is totally dedicated for online stores. Other online store builders can also come handy in this situation.
  • The mobile version of websites is basic. The conversion to a mobile version is automatic for the users who visit the websites from their smartphones.

Flexible Hosting Choices

GoDaddy provides four main website hosting services which are one of the lowest cost price plans. These plans are easy to up sell with the domain name purchasing. The website building package is for the beginners. InstantPage service is provided for domain name registration. Majority plans have strict limitations on the resources.

Like Weebly, GoDaddy provides WebsiteTonight that is another service used for site building. The nontechnical customers can create a website using Website Builder by using the drag and drop interactive forms and templates to get a worthy website. The final website can have at a maximum of 5 pages in the Economy Plan, 10 in Deluxe and 999 on Premium. The basic plan of GoDaddy offers 1 GB of disk space.

The Web Hosting plan is like shared hosting plan where customers get the access to windows or Linux servers and have limited database allocation, space and email addresses. The WebHosting Category has three divisions Deluxe, Ultimate and Economy. Ultimate provides unlimited resources except limited email accounts. No reseller options and no Java support are provided by shared hosting plans. The dedicated and virtual servers are offered at quite lower prices.

The VPS options provide a choice of OS between Fedora, Windows and CentOS and VPS options are divided into five different price bands.

Dedicated servers are accessible in six different price bands with a choice of OS as Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS and Fedora.

Another interesting offer by GoDaddy is pay as per you use cloud hosting model.

Control Panel

GoDaddy has its own custom control panel that offers the uses plenty of configuration and customization options and is well imbibed in the website only. The Control Panel allows the users to control the domain and hosting plans. Although it is not that easy like cPanel but if enough time and patience are there, then one can handle the complicated and overcrowded website window and know about the hidden menus and links and the layouts.

The customers are provided with Simple Control Panel on virtual and dedicated servers for managing the server.

Money back guarantee

The package can be canceled at any time during the contract and offers 45 days of full refunding except the URL purchase. Although domain is provided free for one year upon signing up but in case if you cancel it during the year then you have to pay for it.

Also, the money back guarantee is restricted to some services and products so do check the fine print before purchasing.

Overall Opinion

Ideal for restaurant owner, musicians, designers, small business owners or professionals like lawyer, finance, accounting, etc who want to have a creative yet elegant looking website then GoDaddy is their best option. It is minimalistic, easy to use with an outstanding customer support helping you in having an efficient yet quick online presence. Since some people are technologically not strong enough, hence the reliable and efficient support team proves to be a savor making the life too easy.

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GoDaddy Plans


Bandwidth - unlimited

Diskspace -100 GB

Hosting Type - Linux / Windows Shared


Deluxe Plan

Bandwidth - unlimited

Diskspace -unlimited

Hosting Type - Linux / Windows Shared


Ultimate Plan

Bandwidth - unlimited

Diskspace -unlimited

Hosting Type - Linux / Windows Shared