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FatCow is the perfect blend between Power and budget. It is famous for its economical hosting for small businesses and individuals. It is among the top hosting companies. FatCow have been successful in getting a client friendly hosting service provider reputation and have been working hard to get better.

It was started in the year 1998 and has now two data centers in Massachusetts which have more than eight hundred servers. The plans offer some unlimited features like domains, sub-users, disk space, FTP accounts bandwidth and email accounts.

FatCow provide services like Domain Services, Website Management, Email Services, Scripting & Add-Ons, E-Commerce Services, Marketing Services, free Domain Transfer and Domain Name, Simple-to-use site builders, cheap Search Engine Marketing and Legendary Support with another perk of Yahoo!/Bing Ad Credits and a money-Back Guarantee. It is rightly said that simple domain name ways to endless possibilities.

Server Performance

The data centers have more than eight hundred servers and the setup is such that there is always round the clock management of a system with an onsite personnel. Each of the servers is clustered such that if one goes down then the other takes over. Still for further precaution they have another set of servers for backing up to avoid data loss. The data centers are located in the USA which provides about half petabyte storage space over eight hundred servers. There is a vigorous 24*7*365 monitoring of firewalls. The servers are being protected by two firewalls as a security prospective.

Support Portal

A large variety of customer support options is provided by FatCow for the convenience of the customers. The support team calls themselves the “Moo Crew”. The Moo Crew is available all round the year 24 x 7 on live chat, email and phone. FatCow offer the social media support through Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
The problems in the website can impact the bounce rate and amount of traffic your website receives, so it is really crucial to resolve the problems as fast as it can be. Also, they provide you with user guides, tutorials and knowledgebase.
No message board or forums are provided. As compared to the Twitter page, the Facebook page is more active. Feedbacks can be given on the help page. The tools could be a big help especially for the newbie’s to web hosting.


FatCow provide you with an efficient customer support. You will find the customer service is a real gem. They provide you with media support through Facebook, etc. They provide you with quite potent email tools which offer the abilities like you can create an unlimited number of email addresses that have been associated with your respective website.

FatCow provide you with the ability to set auto responses and make email aliases. They give you options like web based email option, virus and spam filters. You can catch all the emails that are addressed to non-existent mail accounts that have been associated with the respected domain name.

They are a green web hosting service provider as they are completely powered by wind energy. They provide the facility to their web hosting customers of putting a badge on the website that their website is eco-friendly.
You can host any number of domains from a single account. They encourage your effort in expanding your website by providing unlimited add-on domains, Parked domains and Subdomains.


Unlike many hosting companies, FatCow doesn’t provide cPanel. Instead, they provide you with another control panel named, “vDeck”. The formatting and using of vDeck is quite different from the other hosting services much more complicated control panels. So it becomes a bit irritating to start from scratch if you have switched from another website hosting service which was using some different control panel.

FatCow only offers you shared hosting. So you might get a bit disappointed as you will have the disadvantage of having lesser control and security over your website as you won’t have an option of having dedicated or VPS hosting services.

Also, the guidelines provided are not clear enough. A lot of services are free during the trial period after which you need to pay once the trial period ends. So some users who forget to cancel the services within trial period pay for the services.

For the customers’ satisfaction and trust factor, it is quite necessary to have a dedicated SSL certificate so that you don’t have to be redirected to another website. So it is necessary to have a dedicated SSL certificate which is another feature not offered by FatCow.

Flexible Hosting Choices

FatCow provide you with an unlimited number of domains, MySQL databases, email addresses, bandwidth, and disk Space. For simplification, they follow the philosophy of one single plan one policy. For just starting up a website they have the MiniMoo plan by having an email address and domain name or use it for several domains placeholding. The plans include everything needed for a business or personal website running.
The plans include Site Creation Tools, online store Builder using ShopSite which is very easy to be used. FatCow also offer easily installable Forums and Blogs, Wizards for adding some Open Source Apps and free yahoo and Google advertising. FatCow offer 250 MB of email storage or 10 k emails.

Control Panel

FatCow doesn’t have the cPanel as their control panel which is used by a majority of the hosting services providers. They have their own customized control panel named as vDeck. Also, it is far more different from cPanel. But a bit simple and customizable in using it doesn’t give the users a lot of problems. FatCow provides video tutorials for guiding about how to use the control panel which is available before even you buy the plan.

Money back guarantee

FatCow offers a 30 days money back guarantee but you need to give 30 days prior notice to cancel your subscription. Also, you need to pay an early cancellation charge of $35.This is valid only if the cancellation written notice is given within 30 days of subscription. No domain registration fees or additional service fees are refunded.

Overall Opinion

FatCow provide great interface features along with unlimited hosting boundaries and rock solid support page. They also give you support for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, mobile sites, eCommerce stores and Weebly. FatCow provide you with a good uptime of 99.85 to 99.99% and a good customer service shall make you satisfied with FatCow.
FatCow have a lot of retail site features. They provide you with affordable shared hosting plan. Even the security features are planned such that you can use online store ShopSite and integrate PayPal.

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