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Started in the year 1997 four college students who were passionate about technology and open source software, had zeal to connect business owners and individuals to get online, and joined their hands to build an open source technology, DreamHost.

It has over 4 million customers for over more than 100 countries and hosts over 1.5 million WordPress blogs, websites and applications. It has simple and well laid out interface with screen cluttering attractive icons.

Their main focus is on empowering people, practicing flexibility, embracing open source, honesty and providing great services that are fast as well as good in quality. It is one of the oldest web hosting services but still it is a tough competitor for the rest due to its good security and many other benefits, managing its place in the top 10 positions.

It is flexible, simple, has amazing customer service that provide you with reliable solutions. Its office is in San Diego and the headquarters are located in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, United States. It is quite simple to manage domains, view VPS and dedicated server settings, security options, third party app marketplace and finding the billing information.

But DreamHost doesn’t provide a website builder. Hence if you are good in site building then DreamHost gives you flexible and robust packages but the newcomers might find it a bit intimidating.

Server Performance

One of the chief elements of Web hosting is the website uptime. If the website goes down quite frequently then it may lead to customers and clients migrating to other hosting service as they are not able to either access or find the products and service. But with DreamHost you are being provided with an excellent, stable and trustworthy uptime. In general DreamHost guarantees a 100% uptime on all the VPS dedicated and shared hosting. Still if you face any downtime then for each hour of the downtime you will be provided with one day of free hosting with the amount of time calculated from the moment you had opened the support ticket, so you need to be upbeat.

Support Portal

The support provided by DreamHost is only by email and ticket. DreamHost does not provide any telephonic support, but if a nominal premium amount is paid monthly then a member of the staff shall call you, which includes live chat support as well.

Majority of the answers related to DNS, email, FTP details, etc can be found either in the DreamHost support portal, network status blog or in wiki.

Up to date information’s are provided in the newsletters regularly.

But the negative thing is that you are entitled for just only three phone calls, so if you run into a severe problem then you need a real great amount of time for sorting things out.

Hosting Plans

All the hosting plans are based on Debian Linux, their only target is their prices. It is one of the most low cost hosting service providers with facility of unlimited bandwidth, disk storage space, domains, email, monthly data transfers and disk space.

A free domain is provided for tenure of one year of new signups. The dedicated servers have option of choosing between quad core and dual core processor options. Also DreamHost provide you with the Files Forever service for one time upload fees along with the associated transaction fees for the downloads.

A free web hosting opportunity is provided to the non-profit US registered organizations. No reseller option is offered apart from normal partner program.

DreamHost provides you with a variety of domains like .com, .net, .org, etc for free. DreamHost provides a Linux-based Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web hosting for businesses which require additional power or where higher traffic volumes are expected.

Dedicated server offers 1TB of storage and ability to configure the servers with RAM up to 16GB with unlimited data transfers per month that is best for highly trafficked sites.

DreamHost Offers

As stated earlier, DreamHost provides services that are quite flexible. It is just perfect for people who need different and varied web hosting needs. Shared hosting plan is one of the cheapest options and ideal choice for all or a better control and security either VPS or dedicated hosting is recommended which are more expensive than shared web hosting.

Control Panel

An entirely in-house created customized control panel is provided by DreamHost. DreamHost doesn’t provide Plesk or cPanel control panels. It emphasizes on the tools that are actually applied to the basic site creators or host owners.

Access to billing, Django, etc related to the hosting account can be controlled after logging in the DreamHost’s control panel. Although the control panel is quite good, still it is worth trying.

To have control access to the website or setting up password, the control panel has an easy-to-find link to edit the .htaccess file.

Money Back Guarantee

Complete refund is provided if an account is cancelled within 97 days, after which you will be refunded with a part of the monthly fee that was left unused. Majority of the web hosting companies offer just a 30-day money-back guarantee, hence DreamHost’s guarantee really is worth to be considered.

Also it is needed that you had paid the fees by credit card and the account had not been closed for spamming or violation of the terms and conditions. The domain registration fees will not be refunded.

Positive Points

  • DreamHost provides great security features, VPS offering, multiple hosting types, fantastic money back guarantee Cloud storage plans and 100% uptime guarantee. It is carbon neutral, i.e. all of the resources used by them whether it is totally environment friendly.
  • DreamHost have taken really impressive steps to decrease the carbon count and hence are given the name carbon neutral. The various measures taken are like printing on the both the sides of paper, turning off the lights whenever not needed, using of clean and renewable energy. They have even bought renewable energy points.
  • Unlimited data transfers, bandwidth and disk space is provided, hence you really don’t have to worry for running out of space for the website. You can use any time and ant amount of resources to grow your site as the same fees is being paid with no restriction on the amount of resources being used.
  • It has flexible web hosting planswhich help you in growing the website with time with unlimited data transferring per month. To have a better website you can have applications like CMS software, shopping cart, photo gallery, WordPress, etc. For such additional applications you no more have to go for the long processes of installations.
  • Helping you have all the tools requires getting just the best needed website giving you complete satisfaction. Also even without any technical expertise in web designing you can go for these simple to install apps and explore them.
  • With their 100% uptime guarantee, if still the website goes down due to issue with DreamHost’s servers, free one day hosting for every hour the site was down is provided at maximum you reach 10% of next hosting fee. Another attractive feature is free web hosting for nonprofits.

Negative Points

  • If you have signed in DreamHost for building a website then you will face a big disappointment as there is no provision for a site builder. Also you will not be able to have a quick start for the website as the procedure is completed in some time which could be up to four or five hours and the DreamHost will intimate you whenever your account is ready. But it is just one time problem.
  • It does lack Windows-based servers and chances are that it might prove to be nerve-racking to the amateur. The support for the shared hosting is extremely limited.
  • Dedicated SSL certificates are provided for an additional fee to the web hosting customers but no shared SSL certificates are provided which are generally preferred for online financial transactions
  • No website design tools are offered for assisting the customers to create a visually pleasant and professional website. Especially for the amateur in the hosting and website creation, these tools can prove to be extremely helpful in designing a superior website.


DreamHost follows the High quality in low cost principle. By providing their own control panel they keep an eye on the activities of the customers on their domains. And with the limited support options they refrain themselves from being exposed to the unnecessary after sales cost. It has been able to make a near-perfect balance between the features and price specifically helpful for the users familiar with the website administration.

If you don’t have the tools to build your own site or don’t already have one to migrate, DreamHost might not be for you.

All those people who have been looking for web hosting service offering flexibility with exceptional service guarantees then DreamHost is just the one for you DreamHost.

With just no Domain fees and nominal domain Migration Fee and Setup Fee and unlimited email storage and unlimited email addresses it also provides unlimited bandwidth disk Space and a 97 day money back guarantee it proves to be worth of a totally stellar review. It is inexpensive and quality customer service you can really be satisfied. It really outshines its competitions with its hosting packages.

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DreamHost Plans

Shared ( 3-Year)

billed triennially

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain Hosting

$7.95 / month

Shared (2-Year)

billed biennially

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain Hosting

$8.95/ month

Shared (1 Year)

billed annually

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain Hosting

$9.95 / month