[Infographic] – An Ultimate Guide To WordPress Hosting

Hosting your website is the most crucial part of getting yourself live on the internet. From developing a website till it gets live, selecting the best hosting plan is the most sensitive part which, if not chosen wisely may lead to a big loss for you as well as your business. However, you always felt confused when it comes to selecting the one from numerous offers available on the Internet.

Hosting and website management are considered to be a co-related, but the important part of a website. But it’s really hard to find one, which can bestow both in a single baggage. WordPress is one such tool. WordPress is a free and most popular open source CMS (content management system) which you can use to make your personal or business website.

But many people get confused with wordpress.org and wordpress.com. Elaborating the difference, wp.org is from where you can download the software and make your own website as per your demand and requirements. On the other hand, wp.com is the free website builder where you are not required to purchase a domain or hosting plan. You are only required to sign up for it and you are provided with your website.

Interestingly, there are many hosting services which give you the option to buy WordPress web hosting, making it convenient and easy for you to live your website without any hectic issue. But, it isn’t as easy as writing on a paper. There are many points that you must know before WordPress hosting. You must at least go through the WordPress hosting guide before implementing the same for your own profit. So, below is the detailed infographic guide for WordPress hosting. All the pros and cons and queries are answered in the infographic with detailed information.

The infographic will help you to know more about WP hosting plans and what to see before buying one such plan. The information for top hosting providers is also provided with their brief information.

Wordpress Web Hosting Guide

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