The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Website Creation [Infographic]

Today, online presence is a must to have the need for every being. Be it your personal website or your business website, without online existence, it’s impossible to reach the large count of people. Making a website is not a hectic task anymore. With the introduction of CMS (Content Management System) you can easily design your website. For that, you don’t need to be an expert.

Among all available CMS, WordPress is considered to be the highly used platform for website development. It is the world’s best open source CMS, currently in use. The best part of WordPress is that it can be easily used by a novice also. But most of you might get confused between and is a blogging platform where you can create your blog free of cost. You are not required to pay for the domain name and hosting plan. Just after registering on, you can make your blog and start using it. On the other hand, is solely for those who want complete control on their website. Here, the webmaster is required to pay for the domain name and web hosting plan separately. provides a free to download software that you can use to manage your website locally. With these two formats, you can create your own website. But, being a newbie in the development field, you might ask for a guide that can help you in this concern.

Below is the ultimate guide to WordPress creation. The guide is presented in infographic format that will help you better understand the steps. With this graphical content, you will be able to learn, how you can make your own website.

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