Top 10 Website Builders For Beginners

Every business needs a social online digital platform for enhancing their business through their websites. There are hundreds of website builders available in the market eager to help you in building your website. Some are quite good enough providing you the complete control and very powerful functionality.

Despite being tough to learn some are very good in terms of quality. There are quite a lot of commercial website builders available to choose from making your site building faster and easier experience.  So according to your needs you can choose from these website builders. We have carefully looked at all the aspects and chosen the best ten website builders, particularly for beginners.

There is no need to go after the expensive web designing companies for getting an effective presence online. The internet is just overcrowded with various website builders providing you the correct platform for creating a website and maintaining the same without any outside source.

Best Website builders for beginners

There are various types of website builders in the market. Web hosting service providers are helping all the genres of businesses like smaller shops, venues or individuals, etc. They give you 360-degree marketing and a better image in the market is presented.

Keeping in mind the various criteria’s we have enlisted the best 10 website builders for you.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the cheapest website builders where you will be able to build the website easily using the drag and drop interface builders. Weebly has got a very high rating for its web hosting services. They provide various facilities like exclusive web store, blogging tool, mobile site creation, site portability, facility of download selling, adding of customized HTML, site membership, and domain registration, etc.

They use various templates which automatically reformat the specific website for mobile devices viewing featuring backgrounds with beautiful pictures. Weebly is the easiest source to get a decent looking website. They offer you very powerful tools for fulfilling the purpose. Such tools include images along with editing tools, deep commerce capabilities, and blogging tools, etc.

The designing of the mobile sites could be done on your own or the company will do that for you using the desktop website. Regular updates on traffic and visitor statistics are provided by Weebly and giving you the facility of downloading the site code if migration of the complete website to another host is being done.

There are various advantages of Weebly like a free account option, iPad site editing app, an inclusion of statistics, striking design themes, full commerce options, creating of tradition mobile sites, spontaneous interfaces, regular statistics availability, etc. Auto saving of the edits done on the website is another striking feature offered by Weebly.

Also, there is not a lot of bothering if you want to start any website using Weebly. All you need is an email address, password, and a name. You can choose from the various basic plans according to your needs.

2. Wix

You can choose any sort of object to make your website more lurid, Wix gives you such liberty. Wix was launched in the year 2008 and has helped more than 70 million people for building their websites. They give you more than five hundred good website templates designs for constructing your website.

Also if you are a beginner and don’t have any sort of idea about it then Wix is a must option for you. You don’t need any kind of technical skills and will get maximum flexibility for using the drag and drop options.

You can build a responsive, self-explanatory website through Wix. But there is a small limitation with Wix that you will have to face certain limitations while handling the mobile version and could become a bit tedious task for users who operate the sites using mobiles.

Wix gives the perfect platform for building websites for small businesses, portfolios for artists and restaurants primarily focused on binding users and encouraging for shifting hassle free between the websites web pages.

A wide range of templates (over 70) and regularly refresh their stock meeting almost all the needs for almost all the purposes. There are so many templates to choose from that you can easily select the best one for you within a couple of minutes.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace doesn’t give you the freedom to have objects in the places you like as to wish for beautifying your website page.  Apart from getting a good shopping card, you will be getting the ability for selling the various items through PayPal button and other advanced options giving you the full commerce courtesy of Stripe.

With such mobile responsive, designer and beautiful templates which are good enough for catching loads of attention.  The templates are basic, clean giving you the very positive vibe. The final product is highly polished and of high quality showing the toil of the designer.

The templates are highly responsive, i.e. the content and browser will adjust accordingly for having an optimized displaying experience.

A unique feature of Squarespace is the facility for having styling options from them which are a very rare feature provided by just a handful of others.

The turnaround time for email response boasted by Squarespace is one hour. The final product is highly pleasing and responsive. They have been just too good in publicity, extraordinary website examples and awesome videos for marketing.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world. It is easily recognizable from the interactive eye-catching television commercials. GoDaddy gives you one of the cheapest plans offering a great amount of bandwidth and storage. It is just simple in usage and is specially meant for the beginners due to the ease of usage.

It is just relentless in selling the services and products which are just unnecessary. GoDaddy was founded in the year 1997 but gained its fame after the year 2005 and since then has never looked back. GoDaddy is headquartered in Arizona. Best for small business arena GoDaddy is just most favored choice for all needing a strong web presence.

Their plans are such that they suit almost everyone’s need. Using GoDaddy the complete process of website building takes just an hour. The process starts from building the website to finally running the website and finally making the website live.

You can actually skip the site builder and the company’s professionals will take care of the website creating your website. GoDaddy gives you free themes with the builder and there are about 50 different styled themes offered to the users in the personal plan, 300 for the business plus and business plans. The theme categories range from entertainment to almost anything you can think of.

5. Jimdo

Focused on providing good support, quality and community, Jimdo is one of the top website builders in the market having one of the best eCommerce services.  Basically, Jimdo is an eCommerce oriented site builder. Jimdo is very easy to use. Being eCommerce oriented, Jimdo is the best in building your online shop without any kind of worries.

Jimdo has its roots situated outside Germany. They support more than eight languages making an impression of a global presence. So if you don’t want to empty your pockets for building a website as well as if you don’t know the coding part then Jimdo could be the best suitable option for you.

They emphasize on your website improving skills as they handle the website building section to let you keep your effort in improvising. They have their offices situated in Japan, China, and San Francisco. JimdoFree is a free platform tool good enough for website building.

You will get very powerful eCommerce tools for improvising your online store and allows you to put discount codes for the purpose of promotion. A wide community forum that too in multiple languages will help you out in troubleshooting; Jimdo is one of the best in customer solution providing. The Jimdo forum moderators and users will give you the most effective answers to all your problems.


Webs has been one of the oldest website hosting service provider in the industry. The website building through Webs is much easier but you will have to face the restriction of inability to sell goods online and editing of the images online is allowed. If you still want the store then you have to pay an extra cost for the same. Apart from that, there are various types of other functionalities offered at extra cost.

It lacks a bit in the mobile version website creating from its counterparts. Also, their free account storage plans are much restricted in resources than others, meaning that you will get the free websites each being of the maximum limit of 10 pages. Even the site stats for the free accounts are limited to just 40 MB paltry storage.

They give you free sites, video hosting, stores, blogs, custom domains, etc. Although if you have built a website using Webs then you can’t transfer your website to any other web host. You will have a totally hassle-free experience with Webs. To start a website building all you need is just an email address and then choose among the various site categories.

After that, you choose the site package according to your needs. Another feather in the cap is that you can change the theme at any point of time you want. You will have your website pages being password protected. The paid accounts remove the various ads and provide support as well to you. Also, you will see support button on all the pages showing you FAQs.

7. Yola

Yola word is derived from the Hindi word, “hatch”.  It is just loaded with gizmos which could be easily added to your website. It offers a little lesser number of templates and lacks in the mobile website creation. With great traffic building tools and average traffic analysis, Yola is a good option for Website building.

Yola is very easy to use. The web store is just full of social features. But the free accounts are limited and also the blog tools are not there. The mobile site options are limited in terms of options. Yola is just full of widgets. Yola doesn’t allow usage of images or objects in the backgrounds.

If you want a drag and drop code – free method to create your commercial website that is professional at the same time then Yola will be the best option for you.

If you want to build your website then initially register for the account needing only your email address registration. And then you are good to go.

8. Shopify

The chief purpose of building a website is to earn money and increase the business. So to get a better shopping cart service then Shopify is your best bet. A rather strong eCommerce store builder, Shopify has such gigantic app store with a 24/7 support and beautiful designs Shopify is a very good Website Builder. Shopify includes everything needed to sell wherever you need.

They have highly professional and beautiful designs in order to make your website good looking. Having more than 1100 apps in their app store, they have a rather comprehensive tool. You will get help whenever you need it through email, live chat or phone.

Totally risk-free, Shopify is a trusted bet you must go for. Many good designers’ online tools providers and vendors have integrated their services as well as products in order to make Shopify the one stop solution for all the tools needed for best website building.


To save your trouble of spending loads of time and energy for setting up website don’t take any setup fees from you nor do they expect any sort of long term commitment and build a website for you.

You will not get the type of free trial periods but there are some seriously great features offered along with the website builder option for free. You will get more than 2500 template designs in the gallery presenting a wide range to choose from. is ideal for individuals and small business owners who need a simple, sober website that is easy to maintain. You can also go for the “We Build It For You option” where experts design your website for you if you don’t have enough knowledge, energy, interest or time. You don’t need any sort of upfront cost for building any kind of website building. You will get the tools to track your website status. offers you with various images to be inserted in your website and allow you to upgrade your website to the mobile friendly website to allow users to use your website on almost all screen sizes.

10. BigCommerce

BigCommerce provides you with the best ease of access interface such that you will be able to navigate from your older website. You can increase the value to your website by adding certain plugins for the eCommerce app store.

For using the expert knowledge of the experts and know about the problems faced by the people so as to have the troubleshooting easy, BigCommerce has the best knowledge base.

Although BigCommerce does use some third party products and services for giving the customers better experience. Now with BigCommerce you are allowed to sell your leftover stock.

They have a detailed tutorial provided in order to help the customers in setting up the Best commerce store. This will teach you in running a successful business online. The community is so large that you can interact with the friendly partners, staff and clients easily.

The integrations and various helpful apps could be easily added.  Also, BigCommerce has such experts for designing and developing your website to customize it in the best possible way. They have a very efficient SEO practices and tools. The dashboard is feature filled and is backed up by the strong enough marketing, SEO capabilities, and eCommerce.


We hope that the above-mentioned web hosting services will be very helpful for you in building your website, especially if you are new to it. So enjoy website building. They will not only help you in getting the best exposure but also will contribute to spreading word about you.