Top 10 VPS Hosting Service Providers and Why

Everyone needs a server that is highly secure and has least downtime. There are various types of web hosting services provided, among them Virtual Private Server is the most secured server you will get. Not only they give you facility to run and operate your own operating system copy plus you can install any software you want on that operating system.

Now the market is full of web hosting service providers, each having a different and attractive feature set with variable price range. Now after searching the market we have found the best VPS hosting service providers. So have a look.

  1. Arvixe

Arvixe is the most trusted choice for the virtual Private Server hosting among all the others. With such mesmerizing packages providing unlimited domains, monthly data transfer and emails, Arvixe supports both windows and Linux based servers.

They have a highly capable website building tools set giving wide range of hosting plans. They offer two CPU cores and Two Dedicated IPs. Even the 1024 MB data offered is highly beneficial for you. It is highly popular and reliable VPS hosting service provider.

The VPS plan offered by Arvixe is named as Arvixe VPS. You will get the full refund of trial period of 30 days. The basic features of Arvixe VPS are free domain, one dedicated IP, unlimited Bandwidth, 20 GB disk space, 1GB memory with a Lite VPS Panel Control Panel.

You will have root access as well as daily site backups. You wouldn’t have any kind of cloud technology support. The account is instantly activated. You can even upgrade your hosting using Arvixe VPS hosting plan.

Customer support in the form of Live chat, phone, etc is offered 24/7 to the customers. With great uptime, great server speed and excellent customer support, you will be highly impressed by Arvixe.

  1. Dreamhost


DreamHost gives you the total freedom of growing as they give you unlimited data transfer, domains and emails but the base memory is just quite limited (i.e. just about 300 MB RAM for the basic VPS plan). They offer loads of security features.

A very good VPS offering along with extensive domain management tools, Dreamhost is a very impressive web hosting service. There will be cloud storage plans with a very generous money back guarantee.

Dreamhost VPS is very scalable offering you unlimited amount of storage space and bandwidth. The prices of the plans vary according to the amount of RAM being needed. The Ram offered varies from 300 MB to as high as 4000 MB for the expensive plan.

You can run your account successfully using the easy to use control panel and host domains as many as you want. The uptime guaranteed by them is just near to perfect and put in all possible efforts to keep your website up and running.

The ultra fast SSD will be just best for both scalability and speed. The VPS servers give the designers, businesses and developers more stability, speed and power for running the websites as well as applications successfully.

Dreamhost manage your virtual server for you making your task much easier. The SSD storage are much faster than the standard SATA disk drives.

What else could anyone want with Long term support for Ubuntu for five years updates leading to lesser amount of downtime? You won’t face any kind of friction while working with the newer software libraries.

You can even scale your RAM or storage if you need more resources for your website. The in-house support team just take care of all the hosting plans and are available for service all time through Twitter, email and live chat.

You will get various other features for free in the VPS hosting plans like support for PHP5, Python, Perl, Node.js, Ruby Version Manager (RVM), Nginx, XCache, Secure Shell (SSH), Phusion Passenger, One click Application Installer, Crontab Access, Subversion Repository (SVN), Access to the Raw Log Files, IPv4 and IPv6, SSL/ TLS Certificates, password protection (.htaccess), Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, etc.

  1. Hostgator

Hostgator basically supports Linux based VPS hosting offer unlimited emails, domains, rocking customer service and that too in a very pocket friendly plan.

You will be having complete root access with free script transfer, MySQL database, domain and website. There are fully or semi managed options for you giving more exposure. The network security is multi layered making the network more redundant. The money back guarantee is for 45 days. Disk space offered varies from 25 GB to 3 TB.

High ease of use, it has more than12 thousand servers which is just one of the most well known and largest web hosts. For extra power you must go for the VPS plans.

Their datacenters are really a great piece of state of art having totally redundant network with multiple bandwidth providers giving not even a single failure point. SO uptime is not ctually a concern.

Hostgator was founded in the year 2002 and now is the world’s largest online web host. Their customer support is the best in the industry. You will have full root access. You will get loads of freebies with their VPS plans like free website builder alongwith website building tools, more than four thousand website templates, unlimited MySQL databases, bandwidth , disk, free domain transfers, etc.

Their control panel too is very impressive as they are latest in almost all the aspects giving power to the administration consoles. This does include the launching and organizing of eCommerce shopping carts. Using Raw Log Manager, Error Logs, AWStats and Webalizer you will get complete information about the stats and Logs. Your server will be kept free of junk and clean by the web based file manager.

The journey with Hostgator is as smooth as butter and if in any doubt then you must go for the live chat for troubleshooting. The icons are clear and explanatory. Highly reliable, Hostgator gives you the best level service in the industry in the best possible price.

  1. InMotion Hosting

If you have a shared account and need more than the services offered by the dedicated servers then InMotion VPS is your best option. They are an all rounder where you will get everything you need to be a complete server having the optional simultaneous root level access.

All the packages are having free SSDs, SSH access, Backups, cPanel License, about 4GB of RAM, 2 TB bandwidth, storage capacity of about 60 GB, etc.

The basic features of InMotion are like you will get one CPU Core, a round the clock customer support, Redundant Hardware Clusters, Snapshot Rollbacks in a very reasonably low price.

InMotion has such great services due to some of the very exclusive features like they use 15 thousand laborious drives, high finished Quad Core Xeon Processors and Dell servers of RAM capacity 16 GB or 32 GB.

InMotion are highly reliable service providers as they use BGP4 bandwidth for defending issues of routing on the web. Due to peering of the huge ISPs used for assisting they are able to keep the routes quick and short.

You are allowed to overdo your usage for your VPS and don’t shut down your website and keeps it still up. So the over usage big circumstances are not faced. InMotion is highly user friendly. The software system by them is a complete package and includes almost everything you will need for successfully running your website and email services.

You can assemble various complete versions of languages like PHP and MySQL. All you have to do is just transfer the website and modify the DNS.

InMotion is a highly reliable and professional VPS hosting offering three great VPS hosting plans with great performance and value.

  1. GoDaddy

One of the cheapest VPS service provider in the industry, GoDaddy has been pioneer in the VPS industry due to its multi tier plans which are attractive and cheap enough to attract a larger crowd.

You can choose among Windows and Linux servers for operating. There is provision for unlimited domains and emails for you in the VPS plans. Go Daddy is best suitable for all business types ranging from very big businesses to serving starters or small businesses. They have average customer support if compared to other hosting providers.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar offering the most comprehensive set of website building tools in the industry. You can get a clear idea about the same by the large number of domain names it supports and manages which is close to about 60 millions.

A big disadvantage of GoDaddy is that they ban your website on over usage of resources without prior informing. They provide you with a large variety of features like unlimited bandwidth, emails, disk space, websites, and services. They regularly give you certain great discounts along with offering you auto install of WordPress. It is supported, branded and cheap but you won’t have any kind of live chat support with them.

  1. 1 & 1

A famous yet cheap web hosting service provider, 1 & 1 is a very nice web hosting. They give you the best support for handling the irregularities and troubles of the internet. The uptime is just rock solid while testing and an outstanding customer support. You will get all kinds of hosting packages. They offer both Linux and Windows based servers.

Unlike other web hosting service providers, there is just no setup fees charged by 1&1. &1 is very affordable hosting with a feature rich variety plans and website creating tools. Now more quality is added by providing good support to customers and excellent performance in the uptime reliability test.

Hey have a wide variety of VPS hosting packages. The creation tools are very easy to use, dependable uptime and simple setup for WordPress, 1 & 1 is very impressive. You can actually team the servers with high capacity memory. Here by high capacity we mean that Ram of about 12 GB and storage of about 100 GB. As well as you will get monthly data transfer is unlimited.

A rare feature offered by 1 &1 is provision for Parallel Plesk Panel. They generally don’t offer any discounts frequently. But for the first year you will get discounted rates on the XL as well as XXL packages. The virtual servers give you approximately RAM of about 8GB and storage space of about 200GB.

It has earned a reputed place in the top VPS hosting providers due to the bandwidth and storage space offered by them that too in a very reasonable price which is quite affordable. So for getting the best VPS hosting which is budget friendly then blindly go for 1&1.

  1. BlueHost

You will get the idea about BlueHost great performance as WordPress endorses BlueHost as their choice of hosting. BlueHost ranks among the top 5 web hosting companies in the industry. They give you the choice of two to four cores and RAM between four to sixteen GB. The money back guarantee is for 30 days giving you a free domain name.

You get a 50 % discount offered for the first month of buying. The VPS plans are rock solid which is budget friendly. The premium support and outstanding uptime and premium support, BlueHost outshines all. You will get superfluous storage and Sitelock security is offered too.

You can feel the extreme flexibility, control and power for your website as their VPS are built from ground up through cloud technology. All you have to do is just select the appropriate VPS plan and dynamically increase the server resources according to your need.

In the basic VPS plan you will get about two CPU cores speed, Storage of about 30 GB (SAN), 2 GB available RAM, Bandwidth of 1TB,. In each plan there is one domain included with one IP address. They give you money back guarantee. The support to the users is provided 24/7.

You can easily harness the web using their cloud sites technology which is damn affordable, simple and yet powerful. The improved cPanel interface includes all shared hosting features plus some special tools for the WHM controlling and VPS management. Some other great features are instant provisioning, dynamic and guaranteed  resources, extreme performance, etc.

  1. iPage

High performing iPage gives you very high speed SAN storage making the provision such that you can grow, deploy and scale the demands as they increase. There are various scripts pre-installed like Curl, Rails, Perl, CGI, etc. You will get about 20% discounts on your first term. The plans include cPanel.

A very affordable VPS hosting, iPage is just perfect for the savvy’s who are busy enough and cant devote time in self managed systems hence need VPS hosting. There is anytime money back guarantee with disk space offered to be about 40 GB to 120 GB. There is a free domain name given just only for the first year of subscription.

The setup time iPage boasts is about six minutes. The bandwidth VPS servers offer is up to 4 TB with a customizable RAM/CPU. The development is just instantaneous. 30 day money back guarantee is what you get with iPage.

A 24/7 support by experts are provided to the users.  So if you are a growing site with exceptionally good eCommerce capabilities and totally dynamic content and give you great flexibility, freedom, room to grow and fulfill the need of high performance for adjusting the server resources as they grow without having to pay extra fees, then iPage is your savior.

Unlimited bandwidth and storage, iPage is a must go for. Rich in features, iPage has been a great web hosting server giving the best VPS plans.

  1. Media Temple

Media Temple is preferred when you need much powerful server configurations. They have about six Linux based VPS hosting plans for all price ranges.  The prices vary according to the features offered. Like their most expensive month plan has incredible features like 64 Gb RAM, 600 GB storage, which justifies the money you pay.

You won’t get any kind of VPS hosting for Windows and also the emails are not unlimited.

Almost all the servers are SSD servers with guaranteed resources taking regular backups automatically. Hundreds of scripts and applications with one click installations are offered.

Their SLA guarantees 99.999% of uptime with ultra fast scalability. The uptime offered by media temple is just unbeatable. The server management is very easy to tackle having almost instantaneous scaling. The DV is basically a managed VPS which is ready to grow along with you.

For the control pane you are given with choosing in between Plaesk or cPanel alongwith you have a root access. There are regular security and performance scans done for having better performance and avoid problems.

You can choose from various plans according to your needs. In the basic plan you will get minimum of 2TB bandwidth, 30 GB storage and 2GB RAM. Initially you have to choose your plan then choose the control panel and finally pay. That is what you have to do for getting the VPS plan of Media Temple.

There are various pre installed soft wares you will get the high performance servers. Theses software’s are PHPP5.4, Perl 5.10, Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.5, Postfix, Ruby, etc.

So in all the various unique significant properties of Media Temple are freedom of choosing the control panel, installing hundreds of apps instantaneously, updated, stable LAMP stack for managing the services, great uptime, awesome servers and all time customer support you will feel in safer hands if you add on to Media Temple.

  1. Siteground

Siteground includes four tiers of the VPS hosting that is Linux based. You can choose according to your convenience about the data center you want to choose from. The server could be configured to 4 GB RAM, 5 TB monthly data and limited storage of just 80 GB.

They don’t support Windows server. But Siteground is highly reliable, affordable and constructs your website. You will have free web design software, domain and unlimited email accounts in each VPS plan.

They are integrated with CloudFare in order to have better security and performance. Their support material is beyond expectations. The security provided by them is just too good. The customer support staff is high in expertise and gives you just excellent solutions to your problems such that you can solve your problem without lots of hassle.

The tutorials are just very knowledgeable making this web host friendly for small businesses, especially new webmasters.

They have 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, free daily backup, unlimited emails, Databases, traffic; you will be totally mesmerized with their services.

Hopefully the above mentioned hosting providers will serve your purpose. These have been researched well and chosen keeping every feature in mind.